My References

With friendly permission of my customers the following list shows selected project references

2016 - 2017 KCW GmbH

Design and preparation of tender documents for several tenders of rail franchises of German PTAs

Calculation of the expected value of a rail franchise tender

Financial modelling and calculation of the required security payment for a rail franchise tender

Calculation of the allowable compensation for a direct award of a transport contract to a public transport company

2013 – 2014 MTR Cooporation Ltd.

Market studies and evaluation


Bid management for the tender process of Berlin S-Bahn, Teilnetz Ring, submission of EoI documents, formation and management of bid team, negotiations with potential sub contractors and partners, analysis of ITT, contact person to PTA, reporting to MTR Corporation


Project management of an M&A project until the level of indicative offer, formation and management of a due diligence team, negotiation with partners, analysis of data room documents, reporting to MTR group

2011-2013 Marwyn European Transport

Bid calculation for a number of bids to public tenders in the field of bus public transport and calculation of enterprice value as well as due diligence work for the acquidistion of several mid-size bus companies


Financial modelling for bid calculations and enterprise evaluations

2011 Transport Ferroviaiere Holding

High level due diligence for 2 German regional rail transport companies

2011 CapTrain Deutschland GmbH

Project management and consulting for the due diligence of a German rail freight transport company, evaluation of enterprise value

2011 KCW GmbH

Calculation of the expected value for a tender of a light rail line on behalf of the PTA

2010 VBB Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg - SVP Spreeplan Verkehr GmbH

Forecast fort he development of different cost types in regional rail transport on the basis oft he relevant indices and under recongnition of indexation clauses in different transport contracts of VBB Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg

2010 Publicexpress

Acquisition of equity capital for the financing of company growth (financial planning, development of shareholding models, support at investor negotiations)

2010 diks consult GmbH

Revenue, cost, liquidity and finance planning of a long-term project in the field of passenger ticket sales

2010 Keolis Deutschland GmbH

Project management and due diligence support fort he acquisition of a German group in public rail and road transport

2009 deu B.u.S. AG

Calculation of enterprise value and bid price fort he acquisition of a German bus company

2007 - 2009 FirstGroup Deutschland GmbH

Calculation of bid prices for several public tenders in public road transport


Calculation of enterprise values and operative due diligence work for several mid-size bus companies